How to Cheat on Cooking :3

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How to Cheat on Cooking :3

Post  helma on Sat Jun 18, 2011 4:42 am

Aaalright... Have you ever seen those lovely 5 Star Dishes and always wanted to make your own? Is the mini-game a little too hard for you? Weeell... That's what this'll be for! Just follow these instructions and then refer to the cookbook, and you'll be perfecting every dish you make in no time!

1. Alright, so first, right-click on the following image and then hit Save As... and put it somewhere easy to find.

2. Once you're through with that, go here and then download the file. Put it in the same spot as the ruler.

3. Now, open up the file you've just downloaded, and then there should be a new icon on the taskbar on the bottom right. Right-Click it and hit the 2nd option from the top.

4. Look for your ruler, and open it. Yaaay your new cooking ruler is now on the screen. Go ahead and click and hold on the Mab symbol to drag it around. While in-game, the ruler will only show up in windowed mode, so press Alt+Enter if it's not already there.

Oh right, and look for your recipes on the Mabinogi World Wiki :3.

Also, if the bar is a little to shaky, remember that increasing your dexterity will make it move around less.

Weeell that's it! Hope you liked it xD

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