Linkbuilding is sooo boring

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Linkbuilding is sooo boring

Post  helma on Sat Jun 04, 2011 2:10 am

I'm fairly new to IM. I'm doing well building scripts to help me work and build sites, but without traffic they're going nowhere. Can someone clue me in on a product or service which allows me to build relevant links without taking a lot of time to do it? I don't mind paying for it, as long as the cost doesn't end up being more than the links are worth. Even if there isn't a really great service that would get me niche relevant links at different rates for different URLs per day (there must be, but still), there has to be something better than what I'm doing. Registering on vbulletin, getting approved, and then having to find some topic to post in to hide my seemingly obvious desire to get a backlink takes a ridiculously long time. Even for the least competitive keywords I'm after, everything on google page one has over 100 page specific backlinks. Writing an article for a single BL seems disproprotionately slow too. Any ideas??

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