Moon Jump event

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Moon Jump event

Post  Akeal on Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:21 pm

It’s getting close to Mabinogi’s 2nd Anniversary, and Eweca’s orbit has never been closer to Erinn!

As a means of reaching the low-hanging Eweca, Mabinogians have taken to special seesaws provided by general shop owners. The good news is that you can also reach Eweca yourself! Just visit any general store owner and browse their “Event” tab to purchase a seesaw kit. Deploy your seesaw on the ground and invite a friend to hop on the other end. You will each take turns jumping on the seesaw, coordinating your jumps to gain greater attitude until you finally reach the target point. Once you scale that magic number, you’ll be flying off towards Eweca!

When you land on the moon’s surface, you’ll notice that the landscape is filled with giant moon bunnies, tiny cows, and even a dancing panda! You’ll also have the chance to complete the “Reach the Moon” quest, which offers a special Cow Robe as a reward. Once you’re finished with your adventures on the moon, seek the moon girl (next to the dancing panda) and she will guide you back to Erinn.

Now, to spice things up, we will be hosting an event to see how many individual characters can actually reach Eweca. For the server (Mari, Ruairi, Tarlach, and Alexina) that reaches a certain threshold (this number is adjusted based on server population), we will activate an event on that server the weekend of March 26 - March 28. Simply log into your server from 4 PM – 9 PM PST (7 PM – 12 AM EST) and you will receive a special Mabinogi Anniversary item!

So, be sure to get as many people as possible to participate! The more friends that make it to the moon, the better chance you’ll have to activate this event on your server! Progress meters will be posted shortly, so stay tuned!

For Mari server progress, click here
For Ruairi server progress, click here
For Tarlach server progress, click here
For Alexina server progress, click here

Best of luck to all, and have a wonderful Mabinogi Anniversary!

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