Premium service ending

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Premium service ending

Post  Akeal on Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:55 pm

My Premium service is ending tomorrow on 3/14/10 and thus the guild stone and my abilities to manage the guild will be gone until I renew my service. I will be getting more money on 3/20/10 and will be renewing my service then. This does however mean a couple things.

1. We have a chance that we will lose our great guild stone location if someone discovers that there is an open spot in the 6 days that the guild stone will be gone.

2. I am going to be ending the Poll for guild robe early and using the highest voted color, which is Black and Blue. I'm sorry if these colors are not what you wished for and I'm sorry if you didn't get your vote in, but at least we finally have a guild robe. xD

I'll try to recruit a few more people while I still have my service and remember, 3/20/10 is when things will pick up around here again.

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