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New Events and such

Post  Akeal on Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:06 pm

Hello everyone! As you may or may not have noticed a few things are new to the world of Mabinogi. Finally the fabled Black Unicorn has finally been released along with a few other things! Lets all hope this update is for the best ^^

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day in Mabinogi!

Make your way to Alexina in Qilla Base camp. She mentions that there are some travelers in the Maiz Prairie in dire need of supplies. If you’ve got the time, she’ll ask you if you would mind delivering supplies to Dan O’Callaghan, Will Donnelly, and Matthew McLoughlin. Be sure you have the time! You will have to race to three separate Expeditionary Soldiers in Rano in a short amount of time. Time is of the essence, so make haste as you travel to each soldier then return to Alexina for a reward.

Each soldier will reward you with a special four leaf clover. This clover is used to enter a special dungeon where you will face off against an evil, greedy leprechaun!

Defeat this leprechaun for a chance at a special St. Patrick’s Day outfit! If you run out of clovers, you may return to each soldier and ask for more four-leaf clovers to continue your endeavors against the leprechaun.

Is luck just not on your side? You may visit the Mabinogi Cash shop and purchase an Event Reward Booster Potion for a better chance at getting that snazzy outfit!

We hope the luck of the Irish is on your side this St. Patrick's Day, as the event will conclude on March 23rd, so have fun!


The blacklist feature has been improved and will now allow you to make block specific players from appearing on your screen. This means that once a you add a character onto your blacklist, the client will automatically block out the specific character so that you will never see them in-game.

Please note that this will only be occurring in your blacklist. In order to remove a player from the blacklist, you will need to go to your friends list (Hotkey 'F') and at the bottom portion of the list, you will see all the characters that you have blacklisted. Right click any of the names and a button will appear asking if you would like to remove a specific character off the blacklist.


Over a year ago, a mystical white unicorn graced Erinn with its presence for a few short moments, and then vanished. Adventurers who were able to befriend the delightful creature found a truly unique companion and steed. While that white unicorn was rare, there were rumors of an even rarer beast, the fabled black unicorn. Most sightings of the black unicorn occur on dark nights, where even the bright Ewecan moon doesn’t expose the creature’s presence as it grazes.

As animal behaviorists study black unicorns, they have begun to understand the patterns and temperaments of the magical creature. After a while, the bashful black unicorns even let researchers join them in their grazing herds. Then it was only a matter of time before the unicorns allowed the most pure-hearted of the researchers to grace their backs for a while ride.

For a short time--March 10 to March 23--you may be one of the special individuals allowed to befriend and ride one of these onyx steeds! Like white unicorns, black unicorns can carry up to two passengers. But you’ll need to act fast--these beautiful dark creatures are just as rare as their mystical white brethren!


With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we decided to celebrate by releasing a fashion Gachapon update with a focus on specially-colored items! If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to enjoy the fancy Bonita set as well as the Trudy Vintage set.

If you’re extra lucky, you’ll get a Bonita Twin Ribbon Repair Kit, which will allow you to fully restore (via the Handicraft skill) a broken Bonita Twin Ribbon!

We’re also releasing the new Name Color Change Potion to the Cash Shop. When you first started Mabinogi, you were assigned a random color for your name plate.

Now you have the opportunity to change that color for a week at a time with this name color change potion! Land on the checkered green and yellow tab to get a flashy color and land on the star to bring up a new color palette for you to spin! Now you have even more ways to make your character stand out in Mabinogi!


So, it looks like Nexon released a neat name color changer, but in my personal opinion its a waste of your NX. It only changes your name for a week when you use it, so if you plan on using them, plan on buying them once a week. No doubt, that the people that buy loads and loads of NX will buy them each week, and possibly even buy them in large quantities to acquire flashy names.
Well, enough about the name color changers, the Black Unicorn that everyone has been talking about ever since it came out in Korea has FINALLY come out. I'm still debating whether or not to get it since many will be getting them and it won't feel so unique. The unicorns carry two people so if you need a 2 person mount, then by all means grab it while you can.
The increase in event item drop rate potion seems like another scam of Nexon's to try to milk all that they possibly can out of the event they're hosting. With the potion I'm positive I'm not going to be getting it at all during this event. Well, thats it for the summary hope it helped =D

~this summary was based off of my opinion and the 3/10/10 Nexon update.~

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